Restaurant Review


The restaurant I’m reviewing is called Mali Thai. It’s a thai restaurant near my house that I just went to over Thanksgiving break for the first time and it was utterly delicious. It’s located on Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth right next to 24/7 Fitness. Their phone number is (734)667-1316 and they also offer take out.

The parking is pretty convenient although they share it with about four other stores. Normally there is an open parking space. It’s not that popular of a restaurant so there’s never a wait and you seat yourself. There’s eleven tables along with a small bar area that can seat six people. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed with a touch of classiness to it. The decor is elegant traditional thai decorations with acoustic covers of music playing in the background.

Most people who eat there are college students because it’s relatively cheap and you get enough for two people in one meal it’s great. It first opened last September of 2014 from a family in the Plymouth-Canton area when the mom decided to take out a loan from a bank and open the restaurant with her friend. It has been doing very well ever since they got their alcohol license and has stayed under the same ownership and management since opening.

The menu includes traditional thai foods along with sushi. It’s a very extensive menu of four pages. Most meals are around fifteen dollars as the norm. I’d say it’s pretty reasonable for a menu.

The food was relatively spicy and there are many different kids from noodles to curies. Of course you can get different levels of spicy from no spice to extra hot. It’s prepared relatively fast and has a rather large serving size.

You don’t particularly have to wait for much and the waiters/waitresses are very nice and friendly. They also got stuff done very fast. And visited me around five times checking on me in forty five minutes.

There isn’t really a webpage for this restaurant but the hours are normally from nine to nine so a twelve hour day and there is no dress code for this restaurant except perhaps be mostly casual and not fancy. They do accept all major credit cards.

Overall I’d give this restaurant a five star review.


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