Product Reviews


This is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray. I’ve been using this for three years now. I use it overtime I wash my hair and it is honestly one of the best sea salt sprays I have ever used. It is relatively cheap normally around seven dollars at Rite Aid or CVS. If you look at the directions it says you can use it on damp or dry hair. That’s a lie. You should only use it on damp hair. If you use it on dry hair you hair will look frizzy and be a little sticky. However, if you use it on damp hair it works best, especially if you have wavy hair already like mine, to spray it throughout your damp hair then use a diffuser to blow-dry your hair on the cold setting of a blow dryer. This is because the cold temperature helps close hair follicles locking in the spray and giving your hair a shinier look and less frizz. Along with that you also have to scrunch your hair as you dry it too to give it that amazing just went to the beach/ I-just-don’t-care-that-my-hair’s-a-mess look. It does work better I find for people who already have naturally wavy hair. Although, if you have second day curled hair that you get slightly damp with a wet hair brush it can also work well if you hair holds a curl well. Overall it’s a very good product to use on your hair and is also relatively affordable for anyone to buy. The only real downside I can think of is that you shouldn’t use it on dry hair like it says you can because of the stickiness and frizz. I would recommend this product to any girl who wants great waves in her hair.


This is the Ur Cat Eye eyeliner from Rue 21. It costs three dollars from any Rue 21 retailer. Let me just say you will definitely only be getting your money’s worth from this product. It does go on smoothly almost like paint when you first put it on with a nice inky black color. That is the end of the good review. After you put it on even if you do set it with powder and setting spray it will smudge no matter what you do. I originally bought it because I had forgotten my eyeliner at home and was meeting up with a boy after shopping. I wanted to look good and saw it thinking oh this looks like a great idea. Wrong! I ended up wearing it and then going out to meet him. After meeting up with him within ten minutes of putting the eyeliner on he asked me if I had been crying before I met up with him. The eyeliner had started running and smudged all over the place. I immediately washed it off and was disappointed to find a red tinge around my eyes. Now I do not have any allergies nor is my skin sensitive in any way. I have never had a problem with make up and figured it was from scrubbing my eyes. The redness did not go away, however, for two days. I found out later from my dermatologist that the makeup was literally so bad for anyone’s skin it would give redness no matter who wore it. Mostly it would be teen girls who would buy this product but I definitely would not let them! It’s really a horrible product. So while it is very affordable I would not recommend this product for anyone because of the many downsides to it.


This product is the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: Long Lasting. It was actually a relatively expensive splurge going at around thirty five dollars for the four fluid ounces bottle, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion. You only need one or two light sprays on your face to have your makeup last all day or all night or both. One four ounce bottle should last you around half a year if not longer if you use it properly. With one to two sprays to the face it doesn’t mess up your makeup like some setting sprays will and your makeup stays on for as long as you want without getting dull or wearing off. From personal experience I know it works. This product would be great for anyone who needs their makeup to last a long time like a student who is moving usually for around seven hours if they’re still in high school or even longer if they also work too or have extracurriculars. It’s also a good idea to have when you know your going to a party and don’t want to spend all your time having touch ups in the bathroom. Or even while your going on a trip and want to make sure you still look good when you step out of the car or off the plane. So while it may seem expensive at first it’s definitely a good idea to buy this product so that you can look good all the time without spending hours a day in the bathroom making touch ups on makeup you already spent hours on in the morning. I’d recommend this product for any female who doesn’t want her make up to only last three hours before having to make touch ups on it throughout the day.


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