Influential People

On a personal level I’d say the person who has influenced me the most is nobody. I’ve never really looked up to anyone on a personal level. Not really anyone in my family. I suppose I could say my best friend, but that wouldn’t really be the truth either. Sure we’re close and do a lot of stuff together, but that isn’t really the same as influencing me now is it? So, I would say that on a personal level I don’t particularly let myself get influenced or look up to anyone.


Someone who has impacted a lot of people in my opinion is probably my pastor. His name is Pastor Aaron Tanap. I say this because he has been influencing people to at least learn about the Word and Jesus since he was nineteen. He is now sixty-four and has influenced people all the way in the Philippines to here. He started being a missionary in the province he grew up in first when he was nineteen then stated moving outwards going to smaller villages and towns working his way up to cities like the capital Manila. While he was doing this he was also going to school and working his way up to becoming a pastor. By the time he became a full fledged pastor he had been to nearly every corner of the Philippines establishing churches and new leaders in his path. From there he came here to Michigan and began doing the same. When he was around forty he started his own church and began recruiting members in the Wayne county area. My parents became a part of this church along with forty other members giving it a grand total of forty three members at the beginning. Now we have sixty six members at our present church and a sister church in Taylor that he helped start four years ago. They have a counting of thirty seven people at the moment and continue growing. This all began with Pastor Aaron Tanap and his service to the ministry.


One of the most influential people in the field I’m pursuing, a fashion magazine editor, is the real life “Devil Wears Prada” inspiration Anna Wintour. She was editor-in-chief to the American Vogue before moving on to Vogue‘s mommy publisher Conde Nast. She was the self-proclaimed “hitman” of Conde Nast. She came in completely changing everything about a magazine with her own sense of style and direction. Every single magazine she had ever headed or been an editor of became a huge hit by the time she was done. She was known for her edge and iciness. Coming in and completely taking over a magazine were her trademarks along with her pageboy haircut and huge sunglasses. Only she would be able to have an entire movie written about her trademarks. She was the decider on what was in and what was out. If she liked a model welcome to stardom if she didn’t goodbye off the face of the Earth. The same was said for trends and designers. She was literally the scariest person and most influential magazine editor of her time. She is the reason Vogue remains at the top.



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