My Bucket List

  1.  Ride an elephant: I’ve always thought it would be cool to ride an elephant. They’re such large animals and they just always fascinated me. So, since I’ve always admired them I wanted to ride one. Because it’s like if I ride it I have control over something that fascinates me and it will no longer be me thinking how cool elephants are; but how cool it was the time I rode one.elephant-ride-5
  2. Work at Disneyworld or Disneyland: I absolutely love all things Disney. So, working at Disney for any period of time would          be an amazing experience for me. I’m actually up for a paid internship there for next semester. If I get it I can check this off my list. I especially want to work as a character because their job is to literally take pictures and make people laugh and
  3. Be part of a film: I have always really liked watching movies and I admire the film-making process and would like to be a part of it. I don’t particularly care what I would do. I could be an extra or someone who helps out on set. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m part of it somehow. I could honestly just be the person who gets them their coffee and bagels and be happy with it.

  4. Go backpacking through Europe: I love the European culture it’s one of my favorite things to experience in the world. Every time I’ve been to Europe, however, I’ve been on a family vacation and never got to experience the locals or meet new people because these vacations were always more focused onthe tourist spots. Me personally would like to actually meet new people and go to more local places like restaurants, shops, and markets. So, I want to experience Europe my way instead of my parents’ way.tumblr_mqogayvs1r1qhce8io1_500
  5. Learn how to surf: I’ve always thought surfers were literally the coolest people on Earth. So, I wanted to learn how to surf. Of course, living in Michigan all my life I never really got an opportunity to learn or even teach myself how to. I have taught myself how to skateboard but to surf I sort of need waves. So, when I move to San Diego after I graduate I plan on learning how to surf whether I take classes or just teach myself.lightbox2-antartica
  6. Step foot on every continent: I want to be able to tell people I have been to every single continent in my life. I already have six crossed off the list so all I need is the one no sane person would ever go to unless for research. I just need to set foot on Antartica and then I’ll have done it. I’m still figuring out a way for me to do this, but it’s actually pretty difficult to do I found out.
  7. Go on a mission trip: I am a Christian so spreading the gospel is of course very important to me. I’ve done it locally before through my church, but I want to expand my horizons. Since traveling is also important to me a mission trip seems to me a good choice. Also, I’ve met a lot of missionaries and people I know too who went on mission trips. It’s not just about spreading the gospel, although that is the main goal, but it’s also about making a connection and helping the people you meet which I want to do.Mission-Trip-Day-6-1
  8. Visit Juliet’s Wall in Verona: I’m such a romantic and Romeo and Juliet is my favorite piece of literature to read. The wall is fabled to be the wall that Juliet and Romeo spoke to each other on during the balcony scene. Now whoever visits it can leave notes and letters to Juliet to hopefully have her write back and give you advice on love.slika
  9. Work at a horror attraction: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I actually get scared very easily, but I enjoy it. So I want to work at a horror attraction like Erebus or The Asylum as one of the characters or background people. I love dressing up so being a character would be ideal, but I could live as one of the background people too. This just seems like it would be a lot of fun to me.1002hauntedhouse1mja
  10. Own a Jeep Wrangler and a motorcycle in black: My dad had a motorcycle and would take me on rides since I was around eight and old enough to hang on. So, I’ve always loved motorcycles. A Jeep Wrangler is my dream car. I’ve wanted one since I first saw one ten years ago while shopping for my brothers first car and fell in love. I want them both in black because I prefer that color when looking at vehicles to drive. It’s inconspicuous and is the color that is least likely to be pulled over.Jeep-Wrangler-Black-Hawk-0

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